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In a mobile age I’m fortunate to have a camera with me almost all the time, and even more fortunate to experience great destinations, moments, and people that happen to appear before my lens.

I don’t identify with photography as a professional, but capture experiences often and share them in the context of art, travel, or social commentary.

I am not a purist. I feel there is a pure form of photography where ISO and shutter speed are very important, and I tend to enjoy editing my images using Photoshop. This does not mean you never see unedited images that I capture, but it is more likely that I have cropped, enhanced, or otherwise altered the image to express my perspective of that experience.


Travel Writing and Photography by James Watson (xorrox)


Travel Writing and Photography by James Watson


Washington DC Photography by James Watson (XORROX)


My images have appeared in other websites and within publications, and I believe in copyleft when it comes to the use of my images.