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I love sharing travel stories about my adventures around the world. I have been traveling all of my life, and finally took the time to do some extended travel in 2010. That adventure took me around the world for the first time, and made me realize how large Earth is, but how truly small the world could be if you opened yourself up to experiencing it.

I have stepped on 5 of the 7 continents – Australia and Antarctica are still left – but hopefully I will cross one more of those off in 2013.
(UPDATE: I ended up going to Japan in the spring of 2013. Maybe 2015!)

Travel Writing and Photography by James Watson
Travel Writing and Photography by James Watson

I have swam with sharks, jumped out of one perfectly good airplane, woken up next to a 3 foot lizard, been lost in the desert, eaten worms (on purpose), …there are stories to tell.

Travel has offered me the opportunity to understand not only the cultures of other people, but also a glimpse into their experience of life as it relates to that of Americans (and my own). I do not travel to see museums, though I have seen many, and prefer to spend time in public places; cafe’s, parks, strolling the street, or getting lost on bike or motorbike.

I am a couchsurfer, and feel it is a great way to remain a citizen of the world.

My camera and laptop are everywhere I go. So is my iPhone.