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As an entrepreneur, James has started, run, and participated in the growth of many companies over the years. He has also been employed with or consulted for some very strong brands, has seen companies and products both fail and succeed, and has been there at many levels and at different phases, contributing in a wide range of capacities in moving a diverse portfolio of projects forward. This exposure has given him valuable training in developing brand and product experiences that are compelling through a user-centric mission and strategy.

James has used these abilities and resources to create my own digital products over the years. His current consultancy is an evolution of what used to be Rethink Interactive Media – a social network application development shop. At RETHINK, James continues to provide business solutions by managing technology application development and adoption.

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The projects James has worked on have been extremely diverse, in start-up organizations, Fortune500 companies, and in the federal public sector.


Companies, Partners, & Collaborations,, YogaJournal, Warner Brother’s Records, UnderGear, Piczo, Widgetbox


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Bohemian Travel


Living Life Without Walls


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Rethink Rethink Interactive MediaRethinkBZRethink and all prior incarnations to include Mashface/Fancygens.

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