I was a geneticist once; for most of the past two decades I’ve been an internet professional, leveraging technology to enhance user experiences through customer centric product strategy. With extensive start-up experience my passion for emerging technologies and new media have drawn the attention of large brands seeking innovative marketing and customer experiences. Here is more about me; you can follow me if you’re so inclined; or you can interact with me if you dare. You can even explore the artistic side of me, or read about my exploration of the world, my musings on my human experience, and yes, I’m on Google+.


I have been consulting in the areas of digital and start-up business strategy and analytics since 2010 under RETHINK. My focus right now is organizational development, change management, and process improvement.

I am connected across the internet because I love information. Technology has made it so much easier to gather and share information, and people like me help bring usability to that technology. Right now it’s all about mobile (and tablet) compatibility; it was once about Web2.0 and social connectivity; I think very soon if not already, it’s about navigating the social and digital cloud.

People come to me for ideas. Applying principles and innovation to the areas of product management, internet marketing, and engagement optimization.

I find myself often dreaming up a new idea. I am passionate about life and as a result have many interests. It helps that I require little sleep – and I enjoy large quantities of sugar in its many wonderful forms – so I am also always on a question to better understand and create through new experiences.

Life Coaching | Mindfulness | Guided Meditation

Since 2010 I have been traveling extensively, having visited nearly 40 countries and over 150 cities. During my travels I strive to learn about different cultures and their approach to life. These experiences have allowed me a broadened perspective on how to pursue a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life, and I work to share what I’ve learned with others. My studies and practice of mindful meditation during these journeys has allowed me to give back to others, through life coaching, guided meditation, and counseling.

I started out as a traveler when I was young. Though born as an American, I spent a lot of my younger years overseas. I travel often and travel light, and as I explore the world I find new ways of sharing it through images, video, and words.

I spent a week in the desert with Bedouins in Jordan, stayed on an island with 9 foot Monitor Lizards, eaten snakes and silk worms and fish eyes, swam with sharks, and enjoyed more beautiful beaches than most people. I’ve also spent more nights sleeping under an airport bench than most people.

As I travel I consult for different companies in the areas of management, marketing, process, user flow, design, customer service, and user experience. I also build websites from time to time, manage social marketing campaigns, write, speak, and occasionally sell catchy products.

Along the way I hope to make a difference in the lives of those I meet. I have high expectations for what life has to offer and I’m always out to seek how I might be able to push my limits, hoping to create extraordinary moments and experiences.

Welcome to my site. Hope you find something you like.